I found the whole experience very powerful, after the first code I found it easy to visualize it going everywhere it was supposed to go. I got a lot of tingling into my left hand and felt it move into wrist. I really enjoyed the whole experience and found her very easy to follow, Susan is a brilliant healer and I look forward to the next part of the healing program.

– JD, United Kingdom

She is AMAZING!!!

– MG,  Alaska

I wrote this poem a month or two after you did the energy work on me.  It was really impressive how new and fearless I felt. Thank you again for everything Susan.  You really inspired me, and helped me believe anything is possible, and I have only the limits I place upon myself. I’ve been trying to keep my chakras clear, but it’s not easy when I’m surrounded by unhealthy people.


Susan is excellent in helping people with all kinds of issues and has a thorough understanding of what is needed for that person.  She is a very kind, intuitive and  caring. I had a few sessions with her over Skype and I could feel energy moving in my body.  Her method is very deep and covers areas of the body which are buried and not easily brought to the surface. Susan is very professional in her approach, and you could not wish to meet a nicer person. 

– TO, United Kingdom 

Susan is very good at what she does.  She is very considerate of her client. She answers all your questions and goes out of her way to make sure her client is comfortable.  I highly recommend her consultations, energy work and aura sprays. 

-TP, Alaska USA 

I could feel my pineal gland tingling and during the chakra one especially the solar plexus I went very hot and today I feel very emotional.  When I close my eyes in bed, I saw things coming at me as though my brain was getting new information. I feel Susan is very good, was confident and explained everything as we were going through each code, etc.  She picked up quite a few problems that I was aware of already this was confirmation to me on how good she was. Thank you very much Susan and I look forward to another one.

-CB, United Kingdom

I give Susan the best rating there is.  She is a wonderful person. 

-IB, Arizona 

Susan showed up big time in my space, I had a wonderful session and I found it to be most accurate.  All of what she said is in my field right now, she was able to validate things that I am working on to manifest in my life, I know they are within reach.  Her delivery was warm, uplifting and beautiful.  I have no doubt that she will be able to deliver the most difficult messages with a genuine and inviting heart. 

That is a gift!


I was so surprised when Susan said that Mother Mary was with us I started crying.  It was truly an amazing session of releasing old energy and embracing the loving nurturing energy coming into to me.  I recommend Susan on all levels. 

-AP, Washington  

Susan is a wonderful healer!  My session with her was professional, relaxing and she is so kind and caring.  She was able to balance my chakra and get my energy flowing again. If you are out of balance or need an energy boost Susan will get you back on track. 

-KL, Alaska 

Susan was able to stop the reoccurring bad dreams that I had been having for years!! 

-MH, Oregon 

Thank you so much for the energy work on my dog Lucy, she seems to be doing better.  There has been a lot of stress in our home lately and I’m sure she has taken on a lot of it.  Next week I want to put crystals next to her, do you have any suggestions?  Thanks Susan! 

-RW,  Alaska 

I found Susan to be very kind, caring and professional and I would recommend her to anyone. 

-SK,  Ketchikan AK 

Thank you for the Bio-energy healing on Saturday.  Each code and each command I found easy to follow. I felt mostly in the crown chakra but also at the back of the head, I would say behind the ear to the base of the neck on each one. For a first time go at this, I found it very interesting, each stage had its own feeling and sensation, I should really have written down what I felt after each one as now I cannot remember fully what was with each one. What I do recall was a deep sense of relief and release with the plasma flame and hyper cube, the cord removal was fantastic.  The base chakra down to my knees, I felt lighter at the end of the session.  Later in the evening I felt tired and drained but understood this to be part of the releasing. Loved the chanting!

-RJ, Wales

I can highly recommend a healing session with Susan.  She is caring, thoughtful and very thorough.  If you need your chakras cleansed, balanced and energized this is the lady.  Fantastic crystal healer she takes her time and really wants to help you.   

-NP, Alaska 

I can’t praise Susan enough, a must have experience.  I have done chakra healing on myself over the years but not even close to the way I encountered with Susan.  She is an extraordinarily gifted healer.  Susan did an assessment on my chakras using a pendulum remotely as I was in Europe and she in the US.  Over the course of the healing session, I could actually feel the stuck energy being released and the whole experience was incredibly relaxing.  I’ll be contacting you again.  Thank you very much Susan! 

-LC,  UK  

Very wonderful experience!  Educational and relaxing.

-BR,  Alaska