The Path to Freedom and Soul Liberation

4 Week One on One Intensive


The Path to Freedom and Soul Liberation


Do you struggle with any of these?

• Perception
• Need to control
• Taking things personally
• Intimate relationships
• Picking the wrong partner
• People pleasing
• Victim mentality/Blame game
• Discernment
• Resentment
• Need to know
• Judgement

• Embodiment
• Need for recognition
• Self-Sabotage
• Suspicion
• Perfectionism
• Self-degradation
• Indifference
• Self-imposed pressure
• Low self esteem
• Trouble completing projects
• Forgiveness

• Self-conscious
• Confuse love with lust
• Always “trying harder” to make things work
• Defensive
• Overreacting, Overwhelm or Overexplaining
• Fear of making mistakes
• Projecting your fears on others plus many more

This program is designed to help you heal on three levels of consciousness

Conscious level is your behaviors, actions and use of your five senses.
Subconscious level is memories, stored knowledge, values, attitudes and beliefs.
Unconscious level is where fears, thoughts, feelings and unpleasant memories such as feeling of pain, anxiety or conflict are stored.

Your Journey Back to Purity will be tailored to your specific needs. Each week we will meet for two hours.


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Week 1

Chrystal Healing: Using the energy of crystals to cleanse and balance your chakras. This healing will be done remotely, the results will be emailed to you.
Miasma: Is created by negative thought patterns and is stored as an energetic waste product.
Clouds and Mucus: Heavy/dark emotional imprints that lower your vibration.
Etheric Body Burn Off: Clearing, transmuting and elimination. A 5th level surgery takes place.
Entity, Discarnate and Demons: Bio-energy field attachments that siphon and vampire energy. Most people are unaware that they have them.
Entity: Is a nonphysical being that can affect the emotions, thoughts, beliefs and habits of their host.
Discarnate: Is an Earthbound entity that can project anxiety, worry, guilt, shame and fear.
Demon: is a collection of non-human dark energy beings that live off fear and negativity.
Access Portals: Allow auric attachments to gain access to the person through portals, wormholes and cuts or tears in the aura.
75% – 80% of the population have entities/discarnate attached to them
50% – 60% of the population have dark forces or demons
80% – 90% of the population have some form of entity attached to their house/apartment/dwelling/land
Cord Removal & Astral Objects: Relationship cords connect two Bio-Energy Fields together. Off planet cords are used to siphon energy, mind control, get information from an implant and to keep people stuck in their life.
Astral Objects: Are templates of energy formed into shapes.

Introduction to Imprinted Programs: A PDF will be emailed to you with instructions to help you prepare for the Imprinted Program Removal I will be available to help you if needed.
Types of imprinted programs- Victim Consciousness, Fear, Abandonment, Obsessive Compulsive, Conflict, Indifference, Self-Obsession, Intolerance, Impatience, Perpetrator Programming, Self-Destruction, Poverty Consciousness, Addictions, Un-deservedness, Unworthiness, Judgement, Co-Dependence, Control, Selfishness, Arrogance, Turbulence and Sabotage.

Week 2

Shields, Armour and Compactions: Are created through stagnation, heavy emotions and avoiding mechanisms. They work in layers and over time they can mesh together creating blocks. There can also be shackles, chains, bands, ropes etc.                                                                        Energy Leaks: Rips and tears in your aura.                                                                                                                                                                    Imprinted Programs: Are created beliefs that we accept as real and are created through childhood conditioning growing up from our parents, friends, school and society. These often come up repeatedly throughout your life until they are healed.

Week 3

Relationships: This topic will be tailored to your specific needs toxic/abusive/ family/coworkers. We will work on ways to navigate through relationships without judgement and in a way that is as healthy as possible.
Your Inner Child: Traumatic events in childhood are experienced differently for each person and what one person thinks was no big deal looking back as an adult was life altering seeing it and experiencing it through the eyes of a five year old. We will connect to your inner child so that you can heal the trauma whether it was large or small, known or unknown. It could be a situation that you were never picked up from school on time and that created the feeling that you can’t count on anyone in your life.

Week 4

Heart Brain Fusion: Balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain and synching the four brain centers the Pineal Gland, Pituitary Gland, Hypothalamus and the Medulla Oblongata in with the electro-magnetic field of the heart.
Original Wounding of Separation: The birthing process happens traumatically for most incarnating souls by severing the cord soon after birth. The Original Wounding of Separation code will take you back to the moment before birth and you will go through your birth again through the Lotus Template.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Living For Yourself: Some of the topics we will be covering include but not limited to putting yourself first, self-love, compassion for self, gratitude, forgiveness of self, self-care and the importance of allowing people to be responsible for themselves.


4 Week One on One Intensive: $497

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